Stop wearing these douchebag frames. Please.

So you've probably seen people walk around with these glasses. And if you're like me, the notion to want to punch the hell out of them is very noticeable. I HATE these glasses. I did a whole video about them.

Besides what I said, I really hate them. I hate how celebrities wear them as if they're a fuckin' necklace. Bitch, if you don't need a prescription for them, take them off. Jesus Christ, there's so many stupid "articles" about how this trend is "in". Here's something from this site about these glasses...

"Hip-Hop artists such as Chris Brown, Kanye West, and even Jay-Z have been seen wearing what are called nerd glasses. Kanye West’s new look is kind of the “nerd” look and the glasses are a big part to the look. Jay-Z let his hair grow out somewhat for some time and was wearing the nerd glasses. Chris Brown was wearing the nerd glasses in at least one of his music videos (Kiss, Kiss). So now it looks like this hot accessory can be considered being in style. Look for the nerd glasses to be hot for the spring and maybe even summer this year. The Villa will be carrying the mid February.

By: Adrian Gonzalez Source

Or how being a "nerd" is in at your local Hot Topic. Jesus Christ, why? I can understand if a few people were rockin' them. I mean, Buddy Holly did make them look cool... But now, it's just a pain in the ass to see. It's like owning a damn Furby. They were cool, so everyone got them. Then you realized it was really a waste of money and time. For the love of sanity, take those damn things off. Unless they're prescribed by your optometrist... then get the FUCK out my face with those shits on.

The notion to beat the shit out of you will be hard to control.


Spare me.

I know I put this on my Facebook, but, whatever.

Those that have been keeping up with the news know about the Prop 8 ban being overturned. So, yes. Yay for that. I'm all for equal rights for everyone, I'm tired of people bitching about people with conservative ideas. That's THEIR idea and THEIR opinion. You might not think it's right, but they're entitled to think that. If anything, liberals are just as bad as conservatives and it's pissing me off. Wanna make everyone happy? Just brainwash us all and call it a day. Until then, someone is gonna be pissed off. You can't please everyone, no matter what you do. It's just the way life is. We're all different. We all have both a collective idea and individual ideas. Don't like it? Kill yourself. Other than that, deal with it, bitch.

/quick rant


Dear God, what the hell?

Okay, seriously... What the fuck is this?

Obviously, this person must have funny mirrors in their house because there is NO sensible reason for them to come out the house looking like that. Especially not thinking they look good. Either that or that have some weird self-esteem. Like, it's so high that it distorts their reality.

Also, what the hell is the point of shaving off your eyebrows to draw on clown eyebrows? Or look like you're going through chemotherapy and got into a fight with a box of Crayolas. I don't understand why you'd want to look surprised all the time? I can't imagine the look on their faces when they get bad news.

Person 1: Your dog just died.
No Eyebrows: -looks surprised- No.... this can't be happening. -tears up-
Person 1: -looks really confused by reaction and eyebrows-

Keep your eyebrows on. Want them a different color? DYE THEM. For fuck's sake. They're there for a reason. Oh yeah, so you don't look fuckin' retarded. Also, why the hell did IT dye their eyebrows pink when their hair is like black/brown? Way to not make any sense. Or did they do it to match their huge hair bow? Accessorizing with eyebrows now? Holy shit. I'm glad I missed THAT memo.

Alright, besides looking like Chucky with pink eyebrows, what else is wrong with this picture?


I'm going to have nightmares after this.

- Neesa

Relationship or Relationshit?

Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has them and they all stink.

This was said on a forum I post on:
"just seems like more than twice a week seems clingy to me

i got my own projects/hobbies i'm working on, books to read, in addition to a busy job. also i've got other friends too, who i don't have much chance to see.

i'm pretty independent, i like my gf and all, but i'm not looking to spend every day with her."

Quick question, then why have a girlfriend?

If you've got so much shit going on in your life, why bother having one? Having a girlfriend is another job in itself. No matter what a female says, we're needy creatures that crave attention. Especially when it comes to boyfriends. I'm not saying that seeing the person everyday (while in the dating stage) is the right way to go, but 2 days out of 7 doesn't seem "clingy" at all. So that reasoning from my point of view is just seems pretty bullshit, in my opinion.

- So you have friends, what's your point? I doubt you're gonna be spending everyday with your friends, right?
- Got your own hobbies to deal with? That's great. Ever wanted to get her slightly interested or inform of it so she can understand it (if you haven't that is)? Letting her know something about you isn't some mortal sin. Unless she's the type to suffocate you, I don't think letting her into certain pockets of your life isn't gonna kill you. You never know, she might be into it or get into it. If she doesn't, that's on her. But hopefully she'll understand why you're into it.
- Projects? Are you working on them all day/everyday?
- Reading books? Are you doing that all day/everyday as well?

Only reasonable excuse is your job. Sorry, that other shit just seems like kid shit. If you really want to be with her and make your relationship work, you sacrifice time. There's 365 days in a year (366 in a leap year). That's about So it's 8765 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds in a fuckin' year. I highly doubt you work every single day. (If you do, you should definitely stay single.) So you're telling me outta 8765 hours, you can't spend more than 48 hours with her? Not even 48. You're probly not spending your every waking moment with her because you're so busy, right? Just cut it now and get yourself together. Seriously. If you don't want to put in time with her and deal with yourself, then don't be in a relationship, seriously. Considering that being in a relationship is a sacrifice on both ends.

Definitely not saying you need to sweat your girl, but shit... You're making it seem like you see her 24 hours the 2 days you see her. Yep. Bullshit.

I know everyone has different relationship styles. Everyone's personalities are different. But I can't help think that people come up with bullshit in order to have their cake and eat it to. If you don't want to put the time and the effort into something like a relationship... don't have one. Plain and simple.

Yeah, I know you need to have your own life. Yeah I know that being so dependent on the other person is bad for you... But when do you start incorporating that person into your life? Especially if it's been a long period of time? When do you lessen the "me" time for "we" time? I know it's suppose to come in there some time or another.

Wouldn't be a relationship if it's just separate people hanging out and fucking. Might as well be fuck buddies. Srsly.

Sorry, shit like that just makes me really pissy.

♥break factory.

Yes, that is me. Don't like it? Fuck you.

Hi, my name is Alneesa. However, I prefer to go by Neesa. I'm 22 years old from Jersey. I'm a college student and... alright, I'm done with all the formalities. Fuck that. Now let's move on.

* * *

I'm starting this blog because my friends find it hilarious when I rant. I guess cause I'm really an angry person. However, have you ever noticed that it's easier to rant and hate about things than it is to love? If it weren't, we wouldn't have so many internet trolls. However, since it's easier to hate than love, they'll never go away. I'll always have material until the day I die. Or just stop caring. Whichever comes first. So with that, let's begin with my beach trip with my friends. Now, let's roll the clock back to June 3rd, 2010, shall we?

My friends had decided that we should go to the beach. It was going to be perfect beach weather. Sunny with a 30% chance of showers and about 85°-90°. So, we somewhat planned and went to the beach at Seaside. And if anyone has ever seen Jersey Shore on MTV should know the name of this beach. Now, really and truly , I don't like Seaside. I prefer Wildwood or uh...anything else that's not Seaside. I'll get more into this in a bit.

However, we got there fairly early, so it wasn't full. My friends and I got a good spot in the middle. We were close to the water. Good spot. It was good until a bunch of teenagers came on and just HAD to sit at least 50 feet from us. All I could think of is, "Hey look, we're on a FUCKIN' BEACH. GO MOVE." Sadly, they did. Closer to us. -sigh- Like honestly. All I wondered is why they were there and not in school. After I got home, I realized this is Prom Weekend for most schools in Jersey. To be honest, I'm glad we went on Thursday and not like Friday or Saturday. Seaside would've been flooded with a bunch of underage teens trying to get pissy drunk and fuck whatever moves. They did typical dumb teenager stuff. Running after each other. Throwing each other in the water.... However, something funny happened with that. They grabbed one of the girls with them and threw her in the water. She got out and you can tell she was pissed. So she stomped away to her towel and yelled, "I'M TELLING MY MOM."

Really? The first grade called, they wanted their retort back. I would've never said anything that childish. If anything, the first response should've been, "I'm gonna kick your fuckin' ass." Not "I'm telling my mom." Ridiculous. Simply ridiculous.

After we felt a few raindrops and decided let's pack up to the boardwalk, we walked around for a bit. The piers were closed, so no riding anything. Apparently, they won't open them up until the towns around Seaside let out of school. So the rest of us have to suffer because of the rugrats. A few of the game vendors were being annoying and asking us to play their games and shit. Pretty typical stuff. Except one guy told us to "not be jerks and play". Really? I'm definitely going to ignore you if go that far to tell me that. Of course we kept walking.

My friends stopped to play Deal or No Deal at a booth and I walked to a t-shirt printing stand. I saw something cool and decided to get a hoodie. I don't know why I didn't get a t-shirt, but oh well. The owner say me looking and came over and tried to be all friendly with me and explaining to me the difference of the hoodies in size, etc etc. I saw a design I liked and picked out a standard black zip-up hoodie. Now, he the owner or worker was sorta annoying. He saw a couple girls looking and had the balls to say, "Hey, you girls go to Fist Pump University?" I should have said nevermind and left after that. The look on their faces were classic. They had this, "Who the fuck is this loser talking to?" face. Yeah, I felt your pain, ladies.

Since the Jersey Shore was shot there, there's nothing but signs, t-shirts, crane games, etc. at Seaside dedicated to the show. I mean, it was entertaining, but damn, really? Gonna suck the dick of MTV dry because of the show. Then they'll have more owners of shops doing dumb shit like fist pumping around their establishment to "look cool". No sir, you look like a tool. Please stop. You're going to deter customers, not bring them in. If anything, you're just reiterating that stereotype. Sorry, not everyone from Jersey fist pumps and act like a tool for cool points.

Tool ≠ Cool; stop it.

I really shouldn't have gotten that hoodie. It cost $35. Totally not worth it, so I felt like a jackass for buying an overpriced hoodie. The owner was acting like a genuine twat. Just everything was telling me to walk out, but I didn't. At least I'll have a new one for the Fall. Or that's what I'll keep telling myself when I see the hoodie hanging on the back of my door.


- - -

Another thing before I forget. Rubbernecking. Holy crap. Don't do this. Unless you're going to get out and help the person, keep driving. I hate sitting in traffic to get to the spot where the accident was, then the road clears up. Why? WHY? Why do people do this? When it comes to voyeurism, keep that shit out of the streets. That is just annoying and dumb. But damn, if you're going to look, just take 1 second and keep going. People stare hella hard like their mind powers are going to change the situation. It's just pathetic. Please, for the love of sanity, don't, I repeat, DON'T do this. It'll save a lot of people the stress of being late to work or wherever they're going because your dumbass wanted to take five minutes to analyze the scene.

Just drive. Seriously.

- Neesa