Dear God, what the hell?

Okay, seriously... What the fuck is this?

Obviously, this person must have funny mirrors in their house because there is NO sensible reason for them to come out the house looking like that. Especially not thinking they look good. Either that or that have some weird self-esteem. Like, it's so high that it distorts their reality.

Also, what the hell is the point of shaving off your eyebrows to draw on clown eyebrows? Or look like you're going through chemotherapy and got into a fight with a box of Crayolas. I don't understand why you'd want to look surprised all the time? I can't imagine the look on their faces when they get bad news.

Person 1: Your dog just died.
No Eyebrows: -looks surprised- No.... this can't be happening. -tears up-
Person 1: -looks really confused by reaction and eyebrows-

Keep your eyebrows on. Want them a different color? DYE THEM. For fuck's sake. They're there for a reason. Oh yeah, so you don't look fuckin' retarded. Also, why the hell did IT dye their eyebrows pink when their hair is like black/brown? Way to not make any sense. Or did they do it to match their huge hair bow? Accessorizing with eyebrows now? Holy shit. I'm glad I missed THAT memo.

Alright, besides looking like Chucky with pink eyebrows, what else is wrong with this picture?


I'm going to have nightmares after this.

- Neesa