Relationship or Relationshit?

Excuses are like assholes. Everyone has them and they all stink.

This was said on a forum I post on:
"just seems like more than twice a week seems clingy to me

i got my own projects/hobbies i'm working on, books to read, in addition to a busy job. also i've got other friends too, who i don't have much chance to see.

i'm pretty independent, i like my gf and all, but i'm not looking to spend every day with her."

Quick question, then why have a girlfriend?

If you've got so much shit going on in your life, why bother having one? Having a girlfriend is another job in itself. No matter what a female says, we're needy creatures that crave attention. Especially when it comes to boyfriends. I'm not saying that seeing the person everyday (while in the dating stage) is the right way to go, but 2 days out of 7 doesn't seem "clingy" at all. So that reasoning from my point of view is just seems pretty bullshit, in my opinion.

- So you have friends, what's your point? I doubt you're gonna be spending everyday with your friends, right?
- Got your own hobbies to deal with? That's great. Ever wanted to get her slightly interested or inform of it so she can understand it (if you haven't that is)? Letting her know something about you isn't some mortal sin. Unless she's the type to suffocate you, I don't think letting her into certain pockets of your life isn't gonna kill you. You never know, she might be into it or get into it. If she doesn't, that's on her. But hopefully she'll understand why you're into it.
- Projects? Are you working on them all day/everyday?
- Reading books? Are you doing that all day/everyday as well?

Only reasonable excuse is your job. Sorry, that other shit just seems like kid shit. If you really want to be with her and make your relationship work, you sacrifice time. There's 365 days in a year (366 in a leap year). That's about So it's 8765 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds in a fuckin' year. I highly doubt you work every single day. (If you do, you should definitely stay single.) So you're telling me outta 8765 hours, you can't spend more than 48 hours with her? Not even 48. You're probly not spending your every waking moment with her because you're so busy, right? Just cut it now and get yourself together. Seriously. If you don't want to put in time with her and deal with yourself, then don't be in a relationship, seriously. Considering that being in a relationship is a sacrifice on both ends.

Definitely not saying you need to sweat your girl, but shit... You're making it seem like you see her 24 hours the 2 days you see her. Yep. Bullshit.

I know everyone has different relationship styles. Everyone's personalities are different. But I can't help think that people come up with bullshit in order to have their cake and eat it to. If you don't want to put the time and the effort into something like a relationship... don't have one. Plain and simple.

Yeah, I know you need to have your own life. Yeah I know that being so dependent on the other person is bad for you... But when do you start incorporating that person into your life? Especially if it's been a long period of time? When do you lessen the "me" time for "we" time? I know it's suppose to come in there some time or another.

Wouldn't be a relationship if it's just separate people hanging out and fucking. Might as well be fuck buddies. Srsly.

Sorry, shit like that just makes me really pissy.