Stop wearing these douchebag frames. Please.

So you've probably seen people walk around with these glasses. And if you're like me, the notion to want to punch the hell out of them is very noticeable. I HATE these glasses. I did a whole video about them.

Besides what I said, I really hate them. I hate how celebrities wear them as if they're a fuckin' necklace. Bitch, if you don't need a prescription for them, take them off. Jesus Christ, there's so many stupid "articles" about how this trend is "in". Here's something from this site about these glasses...

"Hip-Hop artists such as Chris Brown, Kanye West, and even Jay-Z have been seen wearing what are called nerd glasses. Kanye West’s new look is kind of the “nerd” look and the glasses are a big part to the look. Jay-Z let his hair grow out somewhat for some time and was wearing the nerd glasses. Chris Brown was wearing the nerd glasses in at least one of his music videos (Kiss, Kiss). So now it looks like this hot accessory can be considered being in style. Look for the nerd glasses to be hot for the spring and maybe even summer this year. The Villa will be carrying the mid February.

By: Adrian Gonzalez Source

Or how being a "nerd" is in at your local Hot Topic. Jesus Christ, why? I can understand if a few people were rockin' them. I mean, Buddy Holly did make them look cool... But now, it's just a pain in the ass to see. It's like owning a damn Furby. They were cool, so everyone got them. Then you realized it was really a waste of money and time. For the love of sanity, take those damn things off. Unless they're prescribed by your optometrist... then get the FUCK out my face with those shits on.

The notion to beat the shit out of you will be hard to control.